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Foreign affairs and diplomacy is often referred to as a very tricky and nuanced business. I must disagree. I will subscribe to the book that states in its title “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten”. We all learned as little children how to behave and interact with others properly. And we as a nation must apply these same, simple principles in our interactions with other nations. The underlying principle must be that we stand for and protect good. And that we stand against and defeat evil. And we do both vigorously! Both the American People, and the people of other nations should have no confusion as to where America stands. We must not send mixed signals in our actions, or allow mixed messages to be sent through our words. We should not be ashamed to call out right and wrong around the globe, and apply appropriate action towards making all wrongs disappear from the earth.

Our friends should never doubt that we are fully in their corner. Those who are not our friends should want to be, because they will see that there is no better friend in the world. We will give economic, emotional, diplomatic, cultural, political, and military aid to any friend, in any amount that they need. And at any time. We will stand with them against any and every foe. We will come to their aid when a natural or economic disaster befalls them. There will be no one to come help them faster or with more than the United States will. And we will expect the same in return.

Our enemies must know who they are because we tell them. And they must understand that we will do everything in our economic, emotional, diplomatic, cultural, political, and military power to either turn them into a friend, or eliminate them from the earth. We must make sure that all enemies are afraid of us. And we will not be ashamed to do so. We will not be cowed by political correctness, or the modern day ambiguity about evil. We should not succumb to the appealing Leftist philosophy that is so popular around the world today that truth and goodness are subjective. We believe in objective right and wrong. And we believe that our society and its values are right. We will pursue unabashedly those who wish to destroy our society and its values, and work towards the elimination of them. By peaceful change if possible. By military might if necessary.

Nations that do not share enough of our values to be called a friend, but also have not positioned themselves as our enemy, will be viewed as neutral. This category will likely cover most of the nations on earth. We will not be obligated to come to their aid and comfort like we would to a friend. However, we will also not be working actively to change or destroy them like we would for an enemy. There will be areas of agreement and mutual interest which we will be able to work with them on shared objectives. There will be areas of disagreement where our objectives are at cross purposes. In those areas we will, for that limited issue, treat them similarly to an enemy where we try to change their objective that is at odds with our own interests, or we will try and defeat their objective so that our objective can succeed.

No enemy or neutral nation will receive any cash or gifts from the United States. No enemy or neutral nation will be able to use, borrow, or purchase any military weapons from the United States. No enemy or neutral nation will have a tariff free trade relationship with the United States. No enemy or neutral nation will receive any sort of aid from the United States without the expectation of eventual repayment.

Let’s get specific….

Some examples of friendly nations, as the world is currently, would be 1) Canada, 2) Great Britain, 3) South Korea, 4) Israel, and 5) Poland. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. Actual time in elected office would allow me access to information that would very likely allow changes/additions/deletions from this list.

Some examples of enemy nations as the world is currently would be 1) North Korea, 2) Iran, 3) Syria, 4) Venezuela, and 5) Afghanistan. Some examples of entities that are not nations but would also be considered enemies of the United States would be 1) ISIS, 2) Al Qaeda, 3) Hezbollah, and 4) Hamas.

Neutral nations that need to be careful how friendly they are with our enemies without themselves becoming an enemy include 1) China, 2) Russia, 3) Pakistan, 4) Saudi Arabia, and 5) Turkey.

We need to understand that we are not the world’s policeman, and therefore not get any more involved in conflicts that do not include us or our friends than would be appropriate. We need to expect and require that other nations stand up and do their part to confront evil in the world, and maintain the general peace alongside with us.

We cannot solve the problems with our enemies all at once. We must prioritize them in terms of the immediacy and level of threat, and with an eye to which are the easiest ones to solve. I believe that a re-united Korea should be our first foreign policy goal. Second, I would eliminate the enemies of our friend Israel and attempt to bring peace to that region. This second objective would include the elimination or change in Iran that would make them into a regime that wasn’t intent on Israel’s destruction. We must clearly define why these two objectives are a fight between right and wrong, and demand that all other nations help us in accomplishing these objectives. Or, put shame on those nations that will not assist.

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