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Abortion is one of the most divisive, raw, and emotional issues facing our society today. The debate surrounding it is more highly charged than almost any other subject. And, in my opinion, the top and most important issue we deal with in modern times. It literally is a question of whether we are murdering our helpless children or not.

I believe that life begins at the point of conception. And thus that abortion is murder. And as murder, especially of helpless, innocent, beautiful infants, it must be completely abolished! Eradicated! Purged from our society! On this subject I am in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch. My goal is to shatter the wall of apathy most hold on this issue. To overcome the hurdles of fear most have in declaring so strongly their opinion either one way or the other. Most politicians are afraid of such a stand. They are paralyzed by fear that it will be the end of their political careers, since due to the emotional charge felt by nearly all who debate this subject, any politician taking an unbending and unequivocal stand on the topic will alienate so many potential voters. I say that such consequences be damned! On this hill I will proudly stand – (and die if necessary)! I will stake all on eliminating from our midst the repugnant and horrific act of murdering a child!

I am aware that many will object to the severity of my tone of voice, and the rigidity of my position. But is there not cause and reason for such severity and rigidity? I will be as severe as truth. I will be as rigid as justice. On this subject I do not wish to think, or to speak, or write, with moderation. No! No! And hell no! Will a man whose house is on fire sound a moderate alarm? Will a woman being raped calmly protest? Of course not! And neither will I sound a moderate alarm, or issue a calm protest as babies are being murdered by the millions since the reprehensible and un-Constitutional Roe v. Wade decision. I am proud of my unyielding fanaticism on this. I wear as a badge of honor the accusation of radical, unbending, devotion to the cause of the unborn. We must stop the slaughter! And I will give all in the attempt to do just that.

I despair for my country if it does not end the public acceptance of this abhorrent practice once and for all. Where exists the legalized murder of our precious cherubs. Where an innocent life is purposefully snuffed out in a cruel, invasive, and violent procedure. Too disgusting to see the images of its results without physical revulsion, and tearful compassion for the victims. As I think of what The Almighty must think of the wanton destruction of innocent children, I tremble to think of the punishment He must be desirous to pour out on us all. If your heart is so cold as to be unmoved by the images of the facts of this “procedure”, then perhaps I can appeal to your fear of punishment as He who loves all children will assuredly demand collective retribution for our collective acceptance.

I am in full understanding of the facts. That many abortions are performed before the 20-week mark of pregnancy. That many others at any point are not made by an uncaring woman who is desirous of murdering a baby. That an untold number seek an abortion after a horrific and violent attack has been foisted upon them, such as rape or incest. That many women feel trapped by circumstances, both economic, and health related, that lead to the end result of aborting their child. And I have enormous compassion on any woman who has endured an abortion. I do not want to condemn any of these women. In any way. Our society has accepted this practice for so long now, that the appropriate stigma has not been in place for multiple generations. That is what I want to change. I want to educate and convince my fellow citizens of the horrors of abortion. And appeal to our shared humanity that would naturally be revolted at the dismemberment of a 2-month old infant, and thus should be equally appalled at the same dismemberment of the same infant 2 months and 1 day prior to that.

Thus, again the base questions that must be asked and answered. When does life begin? Is abortion murder? If at conception, and if it is murder, then it is clearly wrong, and should be outlawed. If life begins at birth, and thus abortion is not murder, but simply disposing of unwanted tissue, then it is clearly not wrong, and should be allowed as any other such similar medical procedure like liposuction is allowed. If we look at it in this way, and answer these basic questions, the emotion is largely removed, and a logical conclusion can be reached. Without accusatory and condemnatory judgments being made against women who have previously had an abortion. But with an eye towards how we collectively decide we should behave going forward. I call for unity under a flag that celebrates and protects life.

The discussion about abortion usually brings up the question about “exceptions”. In other words, even though we are pro-life and believe that abortion is murder, in what cases would we be willing to accept its continuance. The answer is just one! Of course! If in fact we are in agreement that abortion is murder, as I believe it to be, then of course only the destruction of another life would rise to the level of making me willing to destroy the life of a baby. So, only in cases where the life a mother is truly at stake – (we must be careful here as opening this door will invite “gaming the system” by unscrupulous medical providers who pretend the life of the mother is at risk) – would I be willing to accept that an abortion was necessary. For all other instances, I would encourage a woman that adoption, or other avenues are preferable to murdering a child.

For political reasons, I would be willing to accept any law that brings us closer than we are now to the ultimate goal of eliminating all abortions. So, bills outlawing abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother, would get my vote. Laws that restrict which providers can perform abortions would get my vote. Anything that reduces will get my vote. However, we cannot lose sight of the ultimate goal and rest easy with those compromises. I will unashamedly be on a never ending quest for complete elimination of child murder.

Until such time as I convince enough of my fellow citizens that my position is the correct one, a law that I believe would be politically practicable to pass right now, would be outlawing on a national basis any abortion before 21 weeks, as that is the earliest baby born that has survived. If Amilia Taylor could survive, should we not at least attempt to rescue any other child who reaches that mark? As long as there is the remotest scientific and medical chance of keeping a human life, should we not strain at the bit to take that chance? At least 4 states already have laws on their books that outlaw abortion at the 21-week mark or before.

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