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This debate is fraught with emotion and feelings. Many citizens in our nation who engage in this debate are immigrants themselves. Or children of an immigrant. Or grandchildren of an immigrant. Or dear friends with someone who is. And the personal nature of this topic will lend itself to seeing things through that lens. The human cost of whatever decision is made about immigration is obvious for all to see. Nonetheless, we must not be ruled by emotion or feelings. We must be ruled by rational thought. And from that will come sound law. And as a nation of laws rather than men, we must commit to following those laws based in sound rational thought. The overriding sound and rational thought that cannot be escaped is that in order to remain a sovereign nation who makes decisions for itself on what its future should be we must be in control of who enters and leaves the borders of our nation. In order for We The People to maintain control of our blessed inheritance given by our Founders, we must have strong control of our borders. In order for us to be able to keep a government that reigns based on the consent of us, the governed, we absolutely and without question must be calmly and rationally deciding who is and is not allowed to enter and leave our land. This inarguable base point must guide the rest of our thoughts on this topic.

Today the phrase “we are a nation of immigrants” is heard quite a bit. This is true. But unfortunately we often hear this from America hating Leftists. And as usual they are very clever at taking a truth and bending it towards their incorrect, and usually un-American, meaning. The fact that we are indeed a nation of immigrants and all can at some point trace ourselves back to someone who arrived in this land is not to be dismissed. In fact this truth is inextricably intertwined with the values and principles that make our nation both great and, prior to 1776, unique in human history. The wonderful poem written on our beautiful Statue of Liberty puts in such glorious prose the sentiment that is undoubtedly as American as the fact that all men are created equal. We are founded as and continue to be a beacon of hope for all humankind. A place where the privileged few do not rule over the many in tyrannical and overbearing fashion. We do indeed want the tired, poor, and huddled masses that the rest of the world considers to be wretched refuse. We cry forth for the rest of earth to send these homeless and tempest-tost to our shores, and enter the golden door to our society. However, that clarion call is balanced with the requirement that these comers yearn to breathe free. In other words that they long to adopt the principles and values of American life and culture. Our passion for freedom and liberty. Our founding belief in a value system rooted in Judeo-Christian principles. Our unshakable confidence in knowing that we are all God’s children, created equally, and endowed by Him with inalienable rights. We will not allow and do not wish to have the type of immigration that purposefully and forcefully resists assimilation into the American culture, and adoption of America’s value system. E Pluribus Unum was the de facto motto of our country since nearly the beginning of it. And this concept is interwoven over and over again in our history and culture. We promote and thrive on individuality, and personal liberty. However, we come together from our many differing perspectives, viewpoints, lifestyles, and beliefs to share the common principles revealed in our Founding Documents. Anyone who willingly ascribes to those common principles and lives their life in allegiance to them is welcomed as an American. And as fully an American as George Washington. Here in America there is no value in who your daddy was. Only in your willingness to adopt as your own and live according to our common principles. In my mind there is little else that is more quintessentially American.

There is no doubt in my mind that our current immigration system is far too complicated. Having known many immigrants personally and hearing the stories of how they came to this country, I have realized that there is far too much bureaucratic red tape and confusing instructions given as to how to complete the immigration process. To further cement my perspective on this I note that I have never run into a citizen who can easily outline the process of what it takes to become a citizen. And this should not be the case. Our immigration process should be simple enough that a child could follow it. In order to fulfill the properly American mission statement in The New Colossus poem referenced earlier we want to welcome immigrants here. Not have them turned away when faced with a complex layer of government bureaucracy. If you do not carry any communicable disease, have no history of criminal behavior, are willing to learn English, learn our history, promise to abide by our American values, swear allegiance to our flag, and attempt to assimilate into our culture, you should be welcome here. Quickly. And at little to no cost.

This does not mean we can simply accept anyone who has the notion to immigrate. There should of course be limits on the number we can comfortably assimilate. But anyone within those limits, and who meets the above criteria, should be allowed entrance and full legal status. With full citizenship to follow after a period of demonstrated behavior and achievement of learning our language and history.

I don’t believe that a physical wall or barrier is in most locations the best way to control the border. In my opinion that is a solution of a bygone era. Today we have the technology when combined with sufficient manpower to provide for a virtual wall that will allow us to properly control our borders. And that includes all borders – (as so much attention today is given just to our southern border) – including the most common type of border we have, that which is bordered by water.

I propose that we have a finite number of designated entry points into the country. At least one on each of the four sides of our nation. And these points would be set up to handle all immigration and/or visitation. This would include those who come by boat, plane, car, or on foot. They will be processed efficiently, humanely, respectfully, and effectively at these entry points. Anyone attempting to enter at any other point will be prosecuted appropriately for committing a crime.

The current practice of conferring citizenship on any baby born on U.S. soil is not only foolish, but has no serious basis in Constitutionality. To purport that the writers of the 14th Amendment intended for this usage is a distortion of epic proportions. Citizenship should be conferred on children by at least one parent who is an American citizen. Not merely by the location of their birth.

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