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The Kind Of Voters And Politicians That We Need


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Our Constitution starts with three of the most important words ever written in secular literature, “We The People…..”. In spite of over 100 years of Progressives/Statists/Leftists/Liberals trying to blot out the meaning and importance of our Founding, and the words & concepts of the divinely inspired documents produced then, We The People still ultimately hold power in our nation. Thankfully. However, if We The People do not remain vigilant this will not always be the case. Forces of tyranny on the political left would love to destroy our power fully, and land us in their Utopian dream world with an all-powerful government that supposedly will benevolently and kindly operate in the best interests of its citizenry. As the story goes Ben Franklin once told a Philadelphia woman in 1787 after the Constitutional Convention that they had given the country “A republic, if you can keep it”. Those haunting words still touch us today in the 21st century. In spite of nearing two and a half centuries since Franklin said that, the sentiment is still true. And it is up to We The People, with each succeeding generation, to take on the mantle of greatness passed down to us by our Founders and insure that we in fact do keep our Republic. Ronald Reagan – (the closest thing in modern times to a Founding Father that I know of) – also has a famous quote along the same lines. In his iconic speech from October, 1964 he tells us that “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction”. In other words, it matters not that the Founders fought and won the Revolution. It matters not that their great-grandchildren fought and won The Civil War that codified the freedoms promised at our Founding. It matters not that our grandparents defeated the evil of Nazism and Imperial Japan. It matters not that our parents outlasted the Soviets and lifted the Iron Curtain. It is still up to us to continue this tradition. Our children and grandchildren will know nothing of these past accomplishments and victories except as old and dusty tales from the history books. We must fight on! We must carry forward the candle of liberty and make the principles and values of our Founding real and tangible for ourselves and our children. And we must require that they in turn pass it on to their children. We The People. There is still no more powerful force on the Planet Earth.

One of the greatest failings of modern times is the great number of apathetic and uninformed – (or shallowly informed) – voters that live around us. This should not be! Now, let’s recognize that it has almost certainly always been the case. History tells us that only about one-third of the Revolutionary generation cared to separate from Britain, and only a small fraction of that group was truly willing to sacrifice what was necessary to make that happen. Nonetheless it is our responsibility and duty to first educate ourselves sufficiently to make good and informed votes. And also to influence as much as possible for what is right, those individuals who God has given into our sphere to influence. You’ve seen the ‘man-on-the-street’ type interviews that show the appalling lack of knowledge rampant in our society today. We hear the Liberal callers to our favorite talk radio programs showing themselves as glittering, colossal jewels of ignorance. Reagan again has good advice for us about this, when in that same Goldwater speech of 1964 he told us that Liberals just simply ‘know so much that isn’t so’. Most Liberals and Leftists that I know are convinced of lies that have been pumped into them by a Liberal media and popular culture for decades. A narrative which we Conservatives have done far too little to combat and destroy. We must educate so that voters know Conservatives don’t hate the poor and love the rich. We must educate so that voters know that Conservatives don’t only love white, Christian, straight men, and hold contempt, or even hatred, for any who don’t fit that narrow mold. We must educate so that voters know that true compassion is not usually best demonstrated with Federal Government involvement in solving problems. We must educate. We need voters who know the truth, and can distinguish it from the cleverly packaged lies and deceptions of The Left. Then their actions in the voting booth will follow suit, and we will be rid of the scourge of Leftist politicians pushing steadily onward to a society that is antithetical to the principles and values of our Founding. Many today vote for such politicians even though that is not the outcome they desire. They are tricked and duped due to lack of information. They unfortunately invite upon themselves what Jefferson complained about in the Declaration as a government that will ‘subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution’.

As We The People educate those around us, we can realize and exercise our power in the voting booth to demand from our politicians the most important characteristic of any person. Honesty. We have become so dulled to the dishonesty of politicians that we hardly even seem to notice anymore. And we seem to accept even the dishonesty of the politicians we love and revere, since we need their Conservatism in government to counteract the noxious views of The Left. I would love to get to the point where we are eliminating from competition any politician who is found to be lying, instead of accepting them, because we are trying to fend off an even more dangerous and offensive alternative candidate. I would love to be able to fully criticize even my political heroes and expect better, rather than have to swallow those errors because that is the best candidate made available to me. We The People must require and demand that our candidates actually follow through on the promises they make us during their campaigns. And if not, then electoral defeat must be swift and sure in the next election. By exercising our power in this fashion, we will get the message across to all politicians, and potential candidates, that they had better come to the table honestly, or not to bother to come at all. We can much more easily tackle the problems we face, with dialogue and debate between the various viewpoints, if we are demanding and receiving complete honesty and transparency from our politicians.

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